Perform Plus wins PwC's Global Innovation Challenge

The Global Innovation Challenge is a showcase of PwC’s most innovative commercial solutions that solve wicked problems for both PwC clients and society as a whole. With a call to action to its 280,000+ employees across 155 countries, the challenge looks to uncover, test and showcase PwC’s most innovative early-stage solutions and services.

This year the challenge set new records with 353 entries from 48 countries. And after many competitive rounds, Perform Plus has been voted PwC’s most innovative, tech-enabled commercial solution 🎉.

Since 2018, Players and PwC-ers have worked together as a single Perform Plus team, brainstorming new roadmap features, solving wicked design problems, delivering high-velocity development sprints and pioneering how the big and the small collaborate. Together we continue to explore motivation and behaviour change mechanics that drive positive workplace outcomes at scale, for both businesses and their people.

This award has again shown the effectiveness of the PLAY product-partnership model. The partnership offers a unique experience, creating a single team by merging the best from big and small, who share a space and culture, optimised to deliver innovative solutions to some of the most wicked problems 🛰.

This isn’t the first and most definitely won't be the last of the awards Perform Plus will bring home. A big congratulations to everyone on the team!

Learn more about Perform Plus here.

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