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Network Rail is the owner and manager of the UK’s railways. At the heart of its digital innovation lies the Digital Factory – a team of evangelist employees who are solving challenges within the rail industry using Agile and rapid delivery techniques.

We partnered with the embryonic Digital Factory to build an employee wellness app and in doing so, to share the PLAY ways of working and cultural learnings.

What we did

Our role was to deliver an output (an employee wellbeing app), but also, to share a mindset and approach. We created hybrid teams, camped together in a shared space at PLAY Towers, connected respective teams to share best practice and learn together through doing (games are good at this).

We delivered a great product, on time and under budget, that will improve the health of employees – but just as importantly, we gave confidence and new perspectives to an evolving team who are now defining what the future of transport looks like for millions of Brits.

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What we learnt

What the Digital Factory needed was a very different type of experience. For them, the key wasn’t just to come away with a product, but also with a culture-first approach to making product. It demonstrated the importance of the relationships we create, and the process of creating – and why working together should be as inspiring and fruitful as the products we jointly create.

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