Hair-raising consumer engagement

Unilever is a partner that needs no introduction. Following the success of Dove’s mission-led marketing, Unilever knows that brands flourish when they connect with customers beyond their products, so they asked us to help drive similar engagement across their hair brands; Clear, Sunsilk and TRESemmé.

The challenge was to create a global bespoke digital platform which could deliver game-changing, localised content that helps people from all over the world overcome daily challenges such as anxiety, ambition and confidence.

What we did

We collaborated with each brand, subject experts, and even a few celebrities, applying our game design know-how to surface inspiring content and drive the positive behaviours that achieve the brand’s purpose. Once designed, we built the platform to handle many languages for users across four continents, and to be leveraged by a bunch of Unilever teams.

Tresemme (content)

What we learnt

We love working with bold partners that want to be playful in how they unlock the potential of their customers, especially when their goal is to help people in so many places. As avid learners, we absorbed tonnes from the background expertise behind each brand’s purpose, showing us that great design combined with excellent content leads to great product.

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